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CFC Team Picture Schedule

October 5, 2017

The CFC picture day schedule for Wed. Oct. 11 and Thurs. Oct. 12 at Evergreen Hall is below.

Players must be in full CFC uniform, jersey, shorts and socks. No soccer boots allowed in Evergreen Hall, please wear running shoes. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your time on the schedule. This gives time for parents to find parking and the teams can get organized and ensure each player has a picture envelope.

Pro-Line Photography is very efficient and teams are processed very quickly and on time during the evening. Stragglers delay the process so please adhere to your scheduled picture time and arrive early!

An individual player photo and team photo will be provided by FREE by CFC. Extra options of player photos can be purchased, please make payment to Pro-Line Photography by cheque, cash or credit card, please fill out the form and place payment in envelope provided.

To download the order form please CLICK HERE. Actual envelopes to place payment in will be available at Evergreen Hall.


U12 06 Boys Chilliwack Attack Scott Delcourt Wednesday 4:41 PM
Prospects U8 Prospects U8 Rob McLachlan Wednesday 4:45 PM
Prospects U10 girls Prospects U10 girls Ana Alipour Wednesday 4:49 PM
Prospects U10 Girls Prospects U10 Girls Barry Newhook Wednesday 4:53 PM
Prospects U10 boys Prospects U10 boys A Kevin Roe Wednesday 4:57 PM
Prospects U10 boys Prospects U10 boys B Liviu Stanciu Wednesday 5:01 PM
Prospects U10 boys Prospects U10 boys C Yasar Yilmaz Wednesday 5:05 PM
U5 U5 CFC Black Shanna Anderson Wednesday 5:09 PM
U5 U5 CFC Blue Joseph Day Wednesday 5:13 PM
U5 U5 CFC Orange Rory Webb Wednesday 5:18 PM
U5 U5 CFC Red Brian Blair Wednesday 5:23 PM
U5 U5 CFC White Brian Bradshaw Wednesday 5:28 PM
U5 U5 CFC Yellow Jamie Moore Wednesday 5:33 PM
U7 U7 CFC Grey Mike Campbell Wednesday 5:38 PM
U7 U7 CFC Magenta Tyler Crompton Wednesday 5:43 PM
U7 U7 CFC Maroon Sean Bornmann Wednesday 5:48 PM
U7 U7 CFC Orange Aaron Hannley Wednesday 5:53 PM
U7 U7 CFC Purple David Neufeld Wednesday 5:58 PM
U7 U7 CFC Red Jason Martin Wednesday 6:03 PM
U8 U7/8 Girls Cheetahs Colleen Folka Wednesday 6:08 PM
U8 U7/8 Girls Cougars Sarah Mouritzen Wednesday 6:12 PM
U8 U7/8 Girls Jaguars Eddy Lowen Wednesday 6:16 PM
U8 U7/8 Girls Panthers Taralyn Crowie Wednesday 6:20 PM
U8 U7/8 Girls Pumas Matt Kappeler Wednesday 6:24 PM
U8 U7/8 Girls Tigers Kris Werner Wednesday 6:28 PM
U10 08 Boys Dynamo Kevin Baarda Wednesday 6:32 PM
U10 08 Boys Earth Quakes John Arnold Wednesday 6:36 PM
U6 U6 CFC Green Halie Bruce Wednesday 6:40 PM
U10 08 Boys Red Bulls Cameron Robertson Wednesday 6:44 PM
U10 08 Boys Revolution Chris Kay Wednesday 6:48 PM
U10 08 Boys Sounders Will Welch Wednesday 6:52 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 6:56 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:00 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:04 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:08 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:12 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:16 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:20 PM
 BREAK Wednesday 7:24 PM
U11 07 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Kelly Willmets Wednesday 7:28 PM
U11 07 Girls Chilliwack FC Strikers Kevin Raffle Wednesday 7:32 PM
U12 06 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Scott Macey Wednesday 7:36 PM
U12 06 Girls Chilliwack FC Strikers Rachel Yang Wednesday 7:40 PM
U12 Girls 06 Adrenaline Andrew Grier Wednesday 7:44 PM
U12 Girls 06 Cheetahs Sean McNeil Wednesday 7:48 PM
U12 Girls 06 Sirens Aaron Hannley Wednesday 7:52 PM
U13 Girls 05 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack David McCluskey Wednesday 7:56 PM
U14 girls 04 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Jon Freeman Wednesday 8:00 PM
U14 girls 04 Cosmos Duane Barg Wednesday 8:04 PM
U14 girls 04 Inferno Kyla Veenbaas Wednesday 8:08 PM
U12 boys 06 Boys Chilliwack FC Blue Strikers Jay Rees Wednesday 8:12 PM
U15 girls 03 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Kevin Ronda Wednesday 8:16 PM
U15 girls 03 Girls Chilliwack FC Strikers Toni Mueller Wednesday 8:20 PM
U16 girls 02 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Michael Olson Wednesday 8:24 PM
U16 girls 02 Girls Chilliwack FC Strikers Iain Gardner Wednesday 8:28 PM
U16 girls 02 Rush Herb Joe Sr Wednesday 8:32 PM
U17 girls 01 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Glenn Wilson Wednesday 8:36 PM
U15 03 Boys Chilliwack FC Attack Dave Corke Wednesday 8:40 PM
U18 girls 00 Girls Chilliwack FC Strikers Keith Hatten Wednesday 8:44 PM
Wednesday 8:48 PM
Wednesday 8:52 PM


Prospects U9 girls Prospects U9 girls Shannon Maas Thursday 4:38 PM
Prospects U9 Girls Prospects U9 Girls Dave Neufeld Thursday 4:42 PM
Prospects U9 boys Prospects U9 boys A Jade Victor Thursday 4:46 PM
Prospects U9 boys Prospects U9 boys B Nate Toews Thursday 4:50 PM
Prospects U9 boys Prospects U9 boys C Lyle Warkentin Thursday 4:54 PM
Prospects U9 boys Prospects U9 boys D Scott Macey Thursday 4:58 PM
U6 U6 CFC Brown Dale Farnley Thursday 5:03 PM
U10 08 Boys Impact Jon Rahe Thursday 5:08 PM
U6 U6 CFC Grey Samantha Johnson Thursday 5:13 PM
U6 U6 CFC Purple Natasha Wouda Thursday 5:18 PM
U6 U6 CFC Red Jon Rahe Thursday 5:23 PM
U6 U6 CFC Teal Jamie Reynolds Thursday 5:28 PM
U6 U6 CFC White Darren McDonald Thursday 5:33 PM
U6 U6 CFC Blue Montana Edginton Thursday 5:38 PM
U8 2010 Boys Chargers Samantha Adam Thursday 5:43 PM
U8 2010 Boys Cobras Sam Banham Thursday 5:48 PM
U8 2010 Boys Express Kristy Ekland Thursday 5:53 PM
U8 2010 Boys Rockets Tammy Miller Thursday 5:58 PM
U8 2010 Boys Storm Kenneth Cools Thursday 6:03 PM
U8 2010 Boys Warriors Lynda Seifred Thursday 6:08 PM
U9 09 Boys Eagles Caren Law Thursday 6:12 PM
U9 09 boys Falcons Jeff Wilton Thursday 6:16 PM
U10 U9/10 Girls Hornets Caren Law Thursday 6:20 PM
U9 09 Boys Raptors Lance Nickel Thursday 6:24 PM
U10 U9/10 Girls Fusion Rob Powar Thursday 6:28 PM
U10 U9/10 Girls Inferno Dale Seifred Thursday 6:32 PM
U10 U9/10 Girls Mustangs Sean O’Brien Thursday 6:36 PM
U9 09 Boys Hawks Dave Boon Thursday 6:40 PM
U10 U9/10 Girls Outlaws Loralei Stevens Thursday 6:44 PM
U10 U9/10 Girls Rebels Emma Hamilton Thursday 6:48 PM
BREAK Thursday 6:52 PM
BREAK Thursday 6:56 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:00 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:04 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:08 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:12 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:16 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:20 PM
BREAK Thursday 7:24 PM
U11 07 Arsenal Sandi Edel Thursday 7:28 PM
U11 07 Bandits Zak Al Khawaldeh Thursday 7:32 PM
U12 06 Galaxy Paul Fernie Thursday 7:36 PM
U12 06 Sounders Jason Noske Thursday 7:40 PM
U11 07 Boys Chilliwack FC Attack Kurt Thiessen Thursday 7:44 PM
U11 07 Boys Chilliwack FC Strikers Eduardo Factor Thursday 7:48 PM
U12 06 Boys Chilliwack FC Red Strikers Justine Hodge Thursday 7:52 PM
U13 05 Cyclones Michael Ortutay Thursday 7:56 PM
U13 05 Edge Eric Klaassen Thursday 8:00 PM
U13 05 Boys Chilliwack FC Attack Kevin Skalicky Thursday 8:04 PM
U13 05 Boys Chilliwack FC Strikers Bob Boucher Thursday 8:08 PM
04 Boys CFC Attack Competitive  Ernie Victor Thursday 8:12 PM
04 Boys CFC Strikers Competitive  Mike Xenos Thursday 8:16 PM
U14 04 Chaos Madeline Dekany Thursday 8:20 PM
U16 02 Bullets Daryl Rose Thursday 8:24 PM
U16 02 Chiefs George Porro Thursday 8:28 PM
U18 girls 00 Girls Chilliwack FC Attack Gabe D’Archangelo Thursday 8:32 PM
U16 02 Boys Chilliwack FC Attack Alex Roche Thursday 8:36 PM
U16 02 Boys Chilliwack FC Strikers Richard Clarke Thursday 8:40 PM
U18 00 Boys Chilliwack FC A Zach Munroe Thursday 8:44 PM
U18 Boys 00 Blazers Rob Powar Thursday 8:48 PM
U18 Girls 00 Champions Allen Lloyd Thursday 8:52 PM
Thursday 8:56 PM