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New Fall Soccer schedules released

October 13, 2020

If you’re participating in the 2020 Fall Soccer season, please find your age level and cohort below:

U5 Cohort H Download
U5 Cohort I Download
U6 Cohort J Download
U6 Cohort K Download
U7 Boys Cohort C Download
U7 Boys Cohort D Download
U8 Boys Cohort E Download
U8 Boys Cohort F Download
U8 Girls Cohort A Download
U8 Girls Cohort B Download
U9 Boys Cohort G Download
U10 Boys Cohort N Download
U10 Boys Cohort O Download
U10 Girls Cohort L Download
U10 Girls Cohort M Download

For a map of the field layout at Exhibition Stadium for this program, download this file.

For a complete schedule of Saturday games, and those scheduled for November 11, download this file.