Coach's Match Report

To assist us with the development of our match officials it would be helpful to have constructive input from the coaches. Please complete the following report and provide your comments regarding the overall performance of the Referee and Assistant Referees. This is not meant to be a forum for complaints about how the referee(s) didn’t make the right calls as this tends to be subjective but more a device that will assist us in rewarding our good officials and help us identify areas of improvement that are needed. 

This report is meant for teams only and is to be filled out the Team Officials (Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager) or designated person and not by individual players or spectators. 


Match Details

Age Group
Coach's First Name
Coach's Last Name
Coach's Email Address
Home Team
Away Team
Home Score
Away Score

Referee Details

Referee First Name (if known)
Referee Last Name (if known)
Number of Referee Assistants

Pre-game Duites

    Did the Referee?

arrive at the park in time for pre-game duties?
 yes  no
check the team lists and ID cards?
 yes  no
check the player boots & shin gaurds?
 yes  no
check the players for jewelry?
 yes  no
check the field (lines, nets, corner flags)?
 yes  no
get a copy of the other team's team list?
 yes  no

Match Details

did the game start on time?
 yes  no
if no, explain why
did the referee keep up with the play?
 yes  no
was the referee dressed in proper uniform?
 yes  no
were the referee's decisions consistent?
 yes  no
did the referee maintain control of the game?
 yes  no
was the referee's use of authority fair to both teams?
 yes  no
did the referee have to caution or officially warn (yellow card) or Send Off (red card) any player or team official during the game?
 yes  no
how many cautions (yellow cards) or sending offs (red cards) were there?

Referee's Performance

please rate the referee's performance (1 poor - 10 excellent)

Additional Comments

Please remember to be fair and precise in your assessment.