Small-sided Referee Clinic - July 11

Published Thursday, June 29, 2017
Chilliwack FC is pleased to offer a Small-Sided Referee Clinic through BC Soccer. The clinic will take place Tuesday, July 11 from 8am to 3pm at Chilliwack Senior Seconday. Registration information below.
This is a great opportunity for our young players (age 11 and up) to start their career as a referee. Once the course is completed referees are qualified to ref small-sided games with Chilliwack FC this fall/winter.
This clinic is "private" and reserved for CFC players only at this point. You need to contact Dar Chand to get an access code before registering

Details on how to Register:


1) Go to this website. Click on on 'Small Sided Referee Clinics' and register by clicking, "click here"
2) OPEN "SELECT CLUB"  Choose  "Chilliwack FC"; then, 'search'.
3) Click on the the last column, 'Register'.
4) Fill in the information and pay. You will get a confirmation notice.

Registrants must pay the $44.25 fee and will be reimbursed by CFC upon refereeing their first CFC game in the fall.

If you experience any issues registering or need more information, please contact Dar Chand ( our small-sided ref mentor.