2016 - 2017 Schedules

Published Thursday, March 9, 2017

You'll find our U11 & U12 Super 8 and our U13 - U18 Developmental and Recreational weekly home field assignments here. You'll also find a link to the Fraser Valley Youth Soccer Association where most of our boys teams play as well as a link to the BC Coastal Girls Soccer League.


The links to the schedules below will take you to the various districts & leagues our U11 - U18 Recreational and Developmental teams play in. 

Fraser Valley Youth Soccer Association » http://www.fvysa.ca/leagues/

BC Coastal Girls Soccer League » http://www.bccgsl.ca/


2016/2017 SAQ Sessions

Chilliwack FC SAQ (Speed - Agility - Quickness) training sessions for development teams take place during regularly scheduled practices. By bringing the SAQ training to the team sessions we have greater involvement by our players. Coaches will be notified when the SAQ sessions will happen prior to their weekly practice times.


U11 & U12 Super 8 Home Game Field Assignments

11-Mar 1130am CSSS 1   U11 Boys Chwk strikers NCUSC Fireballs
11-Mar 100pm CSSS 1   U11 Boys Chwk Attack CCB Islanders
11-Mar 1130am CSSS 2   U12 Boys Chwk Attack SMSA Elite
11-Mar 1000am CSSS 1   U12 Boys Chwk strikers AFC United
11-Mar 1000am CSSS 2   U12 Boys Chwk Crush SDU FC  

U13 & U18 Full Field Home Game Field Assignments

08-Mar 805pm Exhibition turf U16 Girls Chwk Attack SDL United Cup Makeup
11-Mar 1000am Townsend A U13 Boys Chwk Attack CFC   Cup Makeup
12-Mar 100pm Townsend A U16 Girls Chwk strikers abbotsford Cup Makeup