Refund Policy

Adult Player Disclaimer:
I consent to my participation in all Chilliwack FC club activities for the Season or Event for which I am registering and agree to abide by any rules or policies established by the club. I understand that the Club or its Coaches will not be liable for any player conduct or injury during the season, including to and from games. I also hereby accept my placement on a team and understand that there are no changes made after teams are assembled. Should it be discovered after teams are assembled that I have incorrectly entered my birth date then a refund will be issued and I will be placed on a waiting list for my proper age group with no guarantee of being placed on a team. I will make every effort to attend all games and practices.

Refund Policy:
Refund requests should be directed to the CFC Treasurer. All refund requests will be handled according to the chart below. Note that the refund fees are cumulative (i.e. a U14 Rep player will have both $40 deducted from the registration portion and $50 deducted from the rep fee portion). All refunds will be returned within 30 days of notification to the Treasurer. Refunds will be withheld if CFC property (uniforms or other equipment) are not returned. Once the property is returned, the refund will be remitted within 30 days. It is up to the player/parent to ensure that CFC has current contact information (phone number and current mailing address) so that refunds are not delayed. CFC will not accept responsibility if contact information is incorrect.

Applicable Division/Category Prior to event registration closing date After registration closing date but before event starts After start date of event*
U5 - U10 Full refund Refund Less $20 fee No Refund
U11 – U18 Full refund Refund Less $40 fee No Refund
Rep Fees (includes
U8-10 Prospects), Adults,
& Tournament Team
Full refund Refund Less $50 fee No Refund









*Refunds may be possible under “extraordinary” circumstances but only after review by the Refund Committee.

To download our refund policy as a printable PDF click here.