Tournament Rules

Teams are to consist of a maximum of eighteen (18) players.

Should you play an over age player or an unlisted player, your team will automatically default.   

Your team list /roster will be submitted to the Field Marshall prior to your first game.  Proper identification and proof of age must be provided if requested.  


Tournament games will be played in a round robin format within each division. 

The division leader will be that team with the most points earned in round robin play. 

Games in the U11 to U14 age groups will be 2 halves of 30 minutes each and games in the U15 to U18 age groups will be 2 halves of 35 minutes each. 

Points will be awarded as follows:  Five (5) points for a win plus 1 bonus point for every goal scored up to a maximum of three (3). 

If at the end of a round robin game, there is a tied result- no overtime will be played.  There will be a F.I.F.A. shootout to decide the winner.  Shooters are to be chosen from players on the field at the end of regulation time.  Shoot out winners will receive an extra point up to a maximum of eight points per game. 

In the event that two teams are tied in points at the end of round robin play, the following will apply to break the tie:  1) If the game between the tied teams resulted in a win for one team, that team will advance, 2) The team having the least goals against will advance, and 3) F.I.F.A Shootout.

All forfeitures (i.e. game no shows or team abandonment) will result in the maximum 8 points being awarded to the opposing team. 

Any Final Games ending in a tie will be extended by a 2 x 10 minute halves.  If still tied, a shootout will follow with the F.I.F.A rules to apply.      

There will be unlimited substitutions. 

The first team listed in each game will be the home team.    

In the event that two (2) teams are wearing the same colour, the home team will be required to change. 

Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from playing in his/her team’s next game. 

An accumulation of 3 yellow cards during the course of the tournament will also result in an automatic one game suspension. 
No abuse, verbal or physical, directed at the officials will be tolerated. 

Coaches are responsible for their own conduct and that of their players and supporters.  

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make any changes in the best interest of the tournament. 

The decision of the referee is final. 

Appeals:  A team has one hour after the end of their game to make any appeal in writing to the Field Marshall.  The Tournament Discipline Committee’s decision will be final.