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UPDATE: Soccer activities cancelled until September 21

September 13, 2020

UPDATE: Due to ongoing issues with the air quality, Chilliwack FC has put players and coaches’ health and safety first and has cancelled all soccer activity until Monday, September 21. Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch next week.

To view the memo distributed to all BC Coastal Soccer League member districts, clubs and teams, click here.

An air quality advisory has been issued for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District due to high concentrations of fine particulate matter in the air as a result of wildfires in the western United States.

The current Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) for the eastern Fraser Valley is 10+ (Very High Health Risk) and this level is forecast to continue tomorrow, Monday, September 14. It is advised that those who are considered at-risk, including children, avoid outdoor physical exertion.

Given these circumstances, per Chilliwack FC’s Air Quality Policy, all soccer practices scheduled for Monday, September 14 are cancelled.

Air quality conditions are being monitored on an ongoing basis to protect the health of our players and coaches and ensure a safe return to the field when possible. Updates will be provided each day to confirm the following day’s programming.

BCCSL releases schedules for Div 1,2 U11-U12 and Div 1-3 U13-U18

September 8, 2020

BC Coastal Soccer League has released schedules for Division 1 and 2 U11 and U12 Boys and Girls and Division 1-3 U13-U18 Boys and Girls. Follow this link for more information:

September 2 – Chilliwack FC Programming Update

September 2, 2020

Dear Chilliwack FC Members,

We hope your summer has been as good as can be expected given the strange times we are currently in with the COVID-19 pandemic. We know there has been a lot of uncertainty as a result of the pandemic. It is our hope that this letter will help calm some of that, as well as bring you up to speed on where Chilliwack FC is at and how we will execute our programming this fall. We know many of you naturally have some questions and concerns with the pandemic coming into play.


Like the rest of the province, Chilliwack FC’s registration numbers are low so far for the upcoming season. Not alarmingly low, but low. We know this is mainly the result of the pandemic and the uncertainty it brings, coupled with the children going back to school and everything that is involved with that major step for everyone. We also recognize that each year some children do not return. The hesitation to register or commit to any program, not just Chilliwack FC, is natural and we respect that. To allow those of you who are still in that hesitant state of mind, the Executive has decided to extend registration to midnight September 7th.  To register please click on this link or visit us at our office at Townsend Park. Office hours can be found here.

What will the fall season look like?

On August 24th, BC Soccer and viaSport gave the green light for soccer activity to enter into the next phase, which means limited contact training and games. Teams will be put into cohort groups of four and will play in those cohort groups for an undetermined amount of time. In most cases a cohort group will exceed the maximum 50 number, however, when it comes to games, not all four teams will participate at the same time so, not to worry, no health orders are being broken when games do get played. In most cases with the team roster and coaching staff on the field including officials will not exceed 50. As for spectators, the Chilliwack FC Executive is still working on how that will look for our teams. Right now, our recommendation for all training is to drop-off and leave after your child has been screened at the entrance. However, we want parents and family alike to enjoy watching the children play so we need to come up with a plan that meets those needs and the objectives of the health orders we work under. To read more on the BC Soccer/viaSport phase expectations please click on this link.

With careful consideration, and with safety at the forefront of our minds, the Chilliwack FC Executive has decided that the fall season will look a little different for the beginning for some of our players. Rather than rush into a traditional season, with the children returning to school, we felt it was important to ease our way into the season while working within the parameters as set out by our governing bodies.

Mini Ball U4-U10

Beginning September 19th Chilliwack FC will host training sessions for those who have registered into this program. These training session will run until October 3. Children will be placed into cohort groups to a maximum of 50 and will work with our staff coaches on developing their skills. We will look closely at our registration and try to ensure that families are placed into time slots that are close, if not at the same time. Unfortunately, we cannot take requests to be with specific players. You will receive your schedule no later than September 16th so please keep an eye on your email.

During this training period, Chilliwack FC’s coordinators will be working hard to put teams together, find coaches, and building out a schedule that will take into account the provincial health mandates and Chilliwack FC’s own COVID-19 policy. Teams will be placed into four team cohort groups and will begin games on October 17th.

Recreational U11-U12

Similar to the mini ball program, players registered will be invited out to work with our staff coaches during the week. We anticipate game play to start with our fellow district members after Thanksgiving. This late start is to allow for all clubs to continue their registration without having any added pressure to get teams formed and in for scheduling.

Recreational U13-U18

The BC Coastal Soccer League is set to begin its season on September 19th. However, we may not be ready in all age groups to start on that date due to registration numbers. The league has said it will accept teams after the start date but they will only be added to the schedule after the Thanksgiving break due to quarantine periods required for changing cohort groups. In the meantime, we will invite players out to train with our development teams or work with our staff coaches while we formulate a plan for the children registered. Please know Chilliwack FC is going to do everything it can to offer programming for your child(ren). It may not be a traditional season, but we will have some form of soccer for your children to play.

Development U11-U18

Your season will begin on September 19th and will include your team being in four-team cohort groups.


We apologize for the long letter, however we felt it was important that we brought everyone up to speed on where Chilliwack FC is at in terms of the upcoming season. Please know, that the Executive and Staff are working hard in the background for you and your children. We are faced with as many unknowns, sometimes more, as you are, and we ask that you be kind and respectful when and if we say, we’re sorry we just don’t know or we haven’t gone that far yet in our planning. It isn’t that we are disorganized or uneducated on expectations as it may seem. We have to be extremely thoughtful and methodical in everything we do for you and your children with safety being at the forefront of everyone of our decisions. Believe me when I say we would love nothing more than to just put the kids on the field and let them play but unfortunately this season we just can’t. This certainly isn’t the soccer season we were hoping for but are thrilled all the same that we are able to offer soccer programming to you and the rest of the city of Chilliwack given the times we are currently living in.

Please stay safe. We look forward to seeing you all on the field in the coming weeks.

On behalf of the Chilliwack FC Executive,

Andrea Laycock


BC Soccer releases new Return to Play guidelines

August 24, 2020

“Although in some cases it won’t exactly resemble what we are accustomed to, “BC Soccer’s Return to Play Phase 2 Plan – Recommendations and Guidelines” will include the ability for youth and adults to play games, both within and outside their club, and within district, or neighbouring districts.” For further information, the full news release from BC Soccer can be found here.

Chilliwack FC is eager to implement these new Phase 2 guidelines into programming for the Fall soccer season. Parents are encouraged to register the children before the August 31 deadline here.

August 12 – Chilliwack FC Programming Update

August 12, 2020

Dear Chilliwack FC Members,

It’s been a while since we last communicated with you. We hope you’re all keeping well and have managed to stay healthy as we continue to chart our way through the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic. Since our last communication where we announced the cancellation of our spring season, the Chilliwack FC Executive and staff have continued to work hard behind the scenes preparing for the Return to Play and the upcoming fall season.

With safety as our paramount concern, the Executive implemented a Return to Play program and policy, which also includes contact tracing, all of which meet and or exceed the standards required by Canada Soccer and the British Columbia Soccer Association to return to the pitch, which we did in late June. I know I can speak on behalf of everyone involved with the organizing of Chilliwack FC when I say that, despite the added workload to get the kids back on the pitch, it was exhilarating to see them back on the turf participating in the sport they love. To help us manage not only all things related to COVID-19, but also the overall safety of the club, the Executive took a rather large step forward and hired our very first Health and Safety Officer, Mark Lillicrap.  Mark will be an excellent addition to our team and we’re excited to have him on board.

As already mentioned, we are back on the pitch! While it may not look like the traditional soccer we’re used to seeing and participating in right now, Chilliwack FC is offering safe soccer for all of those who sign up with our Return to Play policy and health authorities guiding us every step of the way. Chilliwack FC has also opened registration for the fall season and we’re excited to see you back on the pitch. It is our expectation, and that of many others, that we will see a traditional soccer season with perhaps a twist or two at the beginning, so if you haven’t registered please do so to avoid disappointment. In a time where we’re all being asked to adapt to a new normal when it comes to different aspects of our daily lives, Chilliwack FC is asking you, our valued members, to do the same when it comes to our sport. Of course, we can’t predict the future or how the pandemic will play out–none of us can–but we can assure you that we will be able to offer some kind of safe programming for your children. We also recognize that many of you may have some hesitation about returning to the pitch and that is perfectly okay and completely understandable. Please know that Chilliwack FC will do its best to accommodate you at a later date if you aren’t quite ready to take the registration plunge.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to Chilliwack FC with words of encouragement and understanding since the pandemic started; they have meant the world to us. This has been one of the most challenging times we’ve ever seen here at Chilliwack FC and we appreciate all of you sticking with us through it.

We look forward to seeing you back on the pitch real soon!

On behalf of the Chilliwack FC Executive,

Andrea Laycock