Fall/Winter Recreational Programs

Our Recreational Program is geared towards players interested in having fun and playing at a less competitive level.

Our U5-U10 teams are typically selected based on school catchment area. Some combining of age groups may be required if the the registration numbers don’t allow for enough teams for one age group. Our U5-U10 teams play locally in Chilliwack and do not travel for games. Games are played Saturdays and the season runs until early December. Practices are typically once weekly and are up to the individual team coach as to when and where they are.

Starting at the U11 age group, all teams are entered in the various leagues throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland and will travel out of Chilliwack for away games. There is no “house” league for players U11 and up that only play games in Chilliwack, all teams must travel.

U11’s and U12’s play 8-a-side on a smaller “Super 8” sized field with smaller goals. Once players reach the U13 age group they jump up to full-field soccer and play 11-a-side.

PLEASE NOTE: To align with the rest of the Lower Mainland, all girls teams U11 and up will play their home games on Sundays.

The Chilliwack FC 2018/19 Fall & Winter Recreational program registration is now open until midnight Friday, June 15th. From June 15th to June 30th a $50 late fee will be applied. Registration closes June 30.

U4 Kick Start Program = $60.00
U5 – U6 = $160.00
U7 – U10 = $190.00
U11 – U18 = $290.00

Please note: Chilliwack FC has moved all registration and league organizing to GotSoccer as a money saving measure. CLICK HERE to download a PDF showing step-by-step instructions on how to create a new account for players or families.


U4 Kick Start Program
$60 Sept. – Dec. Children will participate in stimulating practices and activities that introduce them to a soccer ball and start to develop basic ball skills in a FUN atmosphere. Parent participation is a requirement. 10 sessions starting September 2018 on Saturday mornings. For more details on our Kick Start Program please CLICK HERE.
U5 – U6 Mini-Ball
2014 – 2013
$160 Sept. – Dec. Saturday games September to early December.
U7 – U10 Fall Registration
2012 – 2009
$190 Sept. – Dec. Saturday games September to early December.
U11 – U18 Fall Registration
2008 – 2001
$290 Sept. – March
  • U11-U18 Recreational season runs from September – March and teams will travel out of Chilliwack for away games. teams typically practice once per week with games on weekends.
  • U11-U16 boys play Saturdays, U17-18 boys play Sundays.
  • To align with the rest of the Lower Mainland, all girls teams U11 and up will play their home games on Sundays.

Age groups for the Fall-Winter 2018/19 season (all programs running Sept. – June 30)

Division Year of Birth
U4 Kick Start 2015
U5 2014
U6 2013
U7 2012
U8 2011
U9 2010
U10 2009
U11 2008
U12 2007
U13 2006
U14 2005
U15 2004
U16 2003
U17 2002
U18 2001

House vs Rep

Once players within our club reach the U11 age group they have options as to the level of soccer they may play at right up to U18. Here is an outline of the two options available for players of these age groups.


Developmental (Rep)

For players that favour development and a more competitive environment there is the option of playing at the “Developmental (Rep)” level. In order to do this they must attend Player Evaluations that are held by the club each spring in a bid to be selected to a Developmental team for their age group. Depending on the number of players attending the Evaluations and the overall standard the club may enter more than one Developmental team. The Developmental level is now being tiered into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 teams (formerly gold, silver and bronze). The club, on the recommendation of the club Head Coach, decide which level to place its Developmental teams at. The general idea is to place teams at a level that will challenge them, but also allow them to be competitive.

Developmental teams generally train twice per week. For games, they travel throughout the Lower Mainland. Generally the older they get and higher the level they play at, the further afield they may travel. For the first year, U11, teams generally stay within the Fraser Valley. The standard of coaching at the Developmental level is higher as coaches must obtain certain levels of coaching certificates depending on the age group and level they coach at.

If accepted to a Developmental team in our club you are required to pay a Rep Fee ontop of the basic registration fee. This additional fee covers the cost of a number of things including, lit training field times throughout the fall/winter season, uniform and alternate jerseys which players keep, and access to Head Coach training sessions.


Recreational (House)

Our Recreational program is for players who want to play soccer at a less competitive level. Players looking to play at this level are not required to attend Evaluations. Teams are selected for each age groups based on the school they attend or postal code. Practices are generally held once per week instead of two at the Developmental level and team coaches are often volunteer parents who are generally not required to obtain minimal coaching certificates. However, our experience suggests that there are still some very worthy and dedicated coaches at this level.

Traveling outside of Chilliwack is still required at the Recreational level, although not necessarily as far as with the Developmental program.

Recreational players are not required to pay a Rep Fee. However, they do not get access to Head Coach training sessions. Recreational players are assigned a uniform and it is required to be returned at the end of the season. Recreational teams must pay, as a team, for use of lit fields in the fall. This is generally a minimal charge depending on how often they use facilities.

Exhibition Turf Field Rules & Maps


Games for the U5-U10 Recreational season are typically divided between Exhibition Field Turf and Fairfield Island Sportspark. We book Exhibition for as many days of the season as possible but because we’re not the only user group we do have to utilize the grass fields at Fairfield Sportspark as well.

Exhibition Turf Parking and Rules

Chilliwack FC is not the only user group that has access Exhibition Field. Chilliwack FC does not own or make the rules for field use. The rules and regulations listed below are set out by the City of Chilliwack and must be adhered to or we will lose privileges.

  • Parking access to Exhibition Field is off Spadina Avenue through Gate 4 north east of the stadium. Parking in this city owned lot is always free and the lot will always be open when games are scheduled.
  • Parking in the Prospera Centre owned lot to the north west of the stadium is discouraged. Parking fees will be in effect during all event times at Prospera Centre.
  • Entrance to Exhibition Field is at the north end off the Gate 4 parking lot.
  • Cars parked in signed No Parking zones will be towed.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking may be available in the Prospera Centre lot east of the arena. Propsera Centre controls this lot and pay parking will be in affect on days the facility has scheduled events.

  • Only players, coaches and officials are permitted on the turf playing fields.
  • One parent per U5 – U6 – U7/8 team is permitted on the field during games to assist coaches in helping guide players off the field for bathroom breaks. We suggest this task be divided up among willing parents, each team can discuss how this task is assigned.
  • Parents and spectators must stay behind the fences. The team bench area on the east side of Exhibition Field will be open for spectators for the U5-U6 &-U7/8 divisions only. In order to access the team benches, spectators must walk around the outside fence to the entrance on the est side by the covered player benches – they are not to walk across the field.
  • Players must not enter the field prior to their permitted time.
  • Coaches have been instructed to gather teams outside the playing field fence at the nearest gate to the field the game is scheduled on.
  • Teams are to enter the playing fields together once the earlier games are finished
  • NO coffee, pop, juice, sports drinks or oranges. ONLY WATER is permitted on the turf. This means no oranges or other snacks are permitted on the actual turf field. If oranges are supplied, please move your team to one of the cemented areas to eat them.
  • NO food is permitted on the turf, including gum, sunflower seeds and nuts.
  • NO food or drink is permitted in the team bench area at Exhibition Field.
  • NO smoking within the facility.
  • NO dogs or animals within the facility.



The concession at Exhibition Field is now being operated by Chilliwack FC and will be open during Saturday games scheduled. A variety of food and snacks are available.

Fairfield Island Park Field Map

On games days scheduled at Fairfield Island Park the different age groups use the following fields.

U5-U6 – play on Strathcona Fields 1, 2, 3 & 4. Park at Strathcona School or in the parking lots at the park.

U7-U8 – play on Fields 1S, 2S, 3S & 4S. Parking at Fairfield Island Park.

U9-U10 – play on Fields 1N, 2N & 3N. Parking at Fairfield Island Park.

Washrooms are available adjacent to the parking lots.

Fairfield Island Park

Field Type: Grass
Parking: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Covered Team Bench: No
Parent Viewing: Sideline

U5 – U7 Fall/Winter Program

The CFC “Timbits” program is based on a smaller version of the “big game” known as “Microball (U5-U6) & Miniball (U7-U10) Soccer”. CFC emphasis is providing fun & sportsmanship, basic skills concepts, rules of the game and allowing players to learn & enjoy the game in a positive, low pressure environment.

Teams play Saturdays and the season runs until early December. Practices are typically once weekly and are up to the individual team coach as to when and where they are.

For more information lease contact Lisa McLean U5-U7 Fall Recreational Coordinator.


The mini ball season will kick off the first weekend after Labour Day of September and will continue until December. There will be no games scheduled during the Thanksgiving weekend. Games are played Saturdays at either Fairfield Island or Exhibition Field Turf.

Players will be contacted by their coaches late August and onwards. If you have not received a call by Sept 5th from a coach, please contact Lisa McLean U5-U7 Recreational Coordinator  for further information.

Most coaches will have a practice once a week. Day, time and location will be at the coach’s discretion. A game schedule will be provided to the coach the first week of September.

Chilliwack FC provides team jerseys, shorts & socks. Jersey and shorts must be returned at the end of the season.

Teams are based on number of registrations and area of public school catchment in specific areas, this is not always possible. Due to the challenges of attempting to create parity within all the teams, movement of players after teams are formed will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances.

Only late registrations will be considered if there is room available on a team.

U5 – Born in 2013 Micro ball
Games are played 3 v 3, no goalies with pug nets (field 15yd x 30yd) 6 – 8 players per team.

U6 – Born in 2012 Mini ball
Games are played 4 v 4, no goalies with pug nets (field 20yd x 35yd) 8 – 10 players per team.

U7 – born in 2012 Mini Ball
Games are played 6 v 6, including the goalie (field 25yd x 40yd) Max 12 players per team.

What is needed for the season:
Soccer boots, shin pads, water bottle and non marking runners for gym practices.

Coaches needed:
Coaches are always needed for teams. If you are interested in coaching your child’s team (no experience necessary) the CFC will provide “tools” to help new coaches. Please indicate on your child’s registration form or contact Lisa McLean if you can coach.


U8 – U10 Fall/Winter Program

The CFC Miniball program continues to develop players as they enter the U8-U10 age group. Each successive year adds increasing complexity as the players develop their personal and team play skills as they move toward full-field game when they reach U13 and up. The focus is still on developing their skills and learning the various positions (offense, defense, and GK). As players are added to the field, new formations are introduced and new tactics are taught. All players must wear shin guards and are encouraged to wear soccer boots (cleats).

Teams play Saturdays and the season runs until early December. Practices are typically once weekly and are up to the individual team coach as to when and where they are.

Coaches will contact players on their teams in late August or early September and perhaps will arrange a practice or two before the season starts. Jerseys, shorts, and socks are provided with the jerseys and shorts to be returned at the end of the season. Team picture day will be announced separately and is usually in October.


U8 Boys and Girls (Players born in 2011)

The game for the U8 age group is similar to what the players played in U7. The teams are now divided into boys and girls divisions and play 6V6 (including the GK). There is no offside rule and games consist of 2×25 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time break.

U9 Boys and Girls (Players born in 2010)

At U9 an additional player is added to the field as the teams play 7v7 (including the GK). There is still no offside rule and games still consist of 2×25 minute halves with a 5 minute break between. A Master Coach program is instituted at this age for all teams to benefit from a practice session with a club coach. It is beneficial for players to take advantage of these extra training session to further develop their skills. Player will be assessed throughout the season by the team coach and Master coach in preparation for the following U10 year where players may choose to play U10 Recreational (house) or U10 developmental (rep).

U10 Boys and Girls (Players born in 2009)

At U10 we maintain the 7v7 format but extend the halves to 2×30 minutes. There is still no offside rule. The goal area is increased from 10 yards to 18 yards. We again offer a Master Coach program for U10 teams to benefit from sessions with an appointed club coach. Player assessments are made by the team coach and the Master Coach throughout the season in preparation for the following U11 year where again players may choose to play U11 Recreational (house) or U11 Developmental (rep). Players must try out and be accepted for rep teams with tryouts occurring in the Spring.

U8 – U10 Prospects Academy Program (Players born 2009 – 2011)

For more information, please CLICK HERE

U11 & U12 Fall/Winter Program

PLEASE NOTE: To align with the rest of the Lower Mainland, all girls teams U11 and up will play their home games on Sundays.

Players competing at the U11/12 age groups play the “Super 8” format designated by BCSA. This is an effective stepping stone towards full field soccer that begins at U13. The game is played on a smaller field, often the width of a full field. Goals are also smaller than standard size goals, typically 6′ x 18′. There are eight players on the field (including GK) at any given time. The intent with this format is to contribute to all players getting more touches on the ball and generally being more involved in the game. This encourages their overall skill development. Coaches at this age start to focus more time on developing positional awareness amongst players. The typical playing formation is 3-3-1 (3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 striker)

Generally, teams in the recreational program will travel to Aldergrove/Mission/Abbotsford/Langley and possibly Surrey/Maple Ridge for games. The Developmental level teams may have to travel further depending on where they are placed.

At the recreational level boys and girls teams play on Saturdays. The Developmental level boys teams play on Saturdays and girls U11 might play Saturdays or Sundays – will be known in June – U12 girls play on Sundays. Please be aware that because of field availabilty issues all age levels may encounter away game times at any time, from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings.

PLEASE NOTE: The season is also longer at this age. Teams will play till the end of February or into March further depending on how succesful they may be in end of season play-offs.

Once young players reach the U11 or U12 age group they have the opportunity to continue playing at the Recreational (House) level, as they will have been since U5. Or they may choose to participate in our Developmental (Rep) program which involves an evaluation to be assigned to a team of the appropriate level. Players must first be evaluated in order to be named to a competitive team. These evaluations take place at the end of April under the guidance of CFC Head Coach and Technical Director Glenn Wilson and our staff coaches. There are generally two evaluation sessions held. It is our intention to enter at least two boys teams and one girls team into the Developmental level program at each age group.

Highlights of the U11/12 Developmental Program are:

  • Structured twice weekly training sessions under guidance of CFC Head Coach program.
  • BCSA Certified team coach.
  • At least one of the sessions on Townsend turf field.
  • Games played throughout Fraser Valley against select teams from other communities.
  • Full game kit including main jersey and alternate jersey with player names on back.

Games at the U11 and U12 age groups are played 8 v 8 (inc GK) Games are played on 1/2 of full size fields. Focus of this format is to encourage more contact with the ball by all players as a means to developing confidence on the ball.

If your child is an enthusiastic soccer player with a desire to play at a high level, then this program, over Recreational soccer, will go along way to helping them achieve their goals.

If you have any questions you can contact Kevin Skalicky or CFC Head Coach Glenn Wilson.

U13 – U18 Fall/Winter Program

PLEASE NOTE: To align with the rest of the Lower Mainland, all girls teams U11 and up will play their home games on Sundays.

Starting at the U13 age group all teams play regular full field, 11 a-side soccer.

Recreational (House) level soccer is still available to players who want to play at a less competitive level. Boys play Saturdays through U16 then move to Sundays. Girls play Sundays from U11 – U18. Please be aware that because of field availability issues, all age levels may encounter away game times at any time, from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings.

Once players complete their U18 year our club is able to offer them continued soccer by playing in our senior program at the U21 age group.

Where each team travels to play games depends on what other clubs enter teams in the same division, but the league will try to divide the teams up geographically.