Skills Centre


To provide ongoing opportunities for aspiring young players of all levels to further develop their own game in a professional environment, over and above regular team practices, and to inspire our young players to pursue their dreams and ambitions in the game.

Season of Operation

Larger group programming will run year-round in three training periods (Spring, Summer, Fall). Individual and small group training to be announced.


Spring and Fall programming for our larger groups will always run on Friday nights to avoid conflicts with team practice sessions. All large group programming sessions will run for 75 minutes.

Player Acceptance

The Skills Centre is accessible to all players beginning at age 7 up to age 18. All players enrolled in Skills Centre programs will be evaluated to determine programming to suit their needs. For players registered to all training groups an initial evaluation report will be provided to parents that will outline the programming planned for their child. Periodic progress reports will also be provided.

Player Grouping

Groups will be formed to combine players sharing similar levels of ability as well as physical and mental maturation. Curriculum for large groups will consist of most aspects of the game including technical, tactical and positional components. These groups will be made up of up to 20 players. Age groups may be blended to a max of three age groups.

Player Package

All players enrolled in Skills Centre programming will receive,

  • Detailed initial player evaluation report
  • Periodic player progress report
  • Personalized programming to suit each player’s respective needs
  • Player skill testing report at the program start and at its completion
  • Training under the supervision of CSA/BCSA certified staff
  • Full player training kit (at additional cost, available for purchase online orĀ in-store at Soccer Plus)
  • Additional enhancement for individual and small group programming includes game visit by Skills Centre staff to observe progress and provide feedback

Available Programs

Skills Centre Spring Program $230 for members; $260 for non-members

Kit not included.