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Chilliwack FC Kick Start Program

January 8, 2018

Preschool-aged children in Chilliwack can now learn about soccer for FREE in a new program offered this spring by Chilliwack FC.

The Chilliwack FC Kick Start Program is designed to nurture a love for soccer and act as a stepping stone for players entering the U5 program in the Fall 2018 season. Children will participate in stimulating practices and activities that introduce them to a soccer ball and start to develop basic ball skills in a FUN atmosphere. Parent participation is a requirement.

The program is open to children born in 2014.

“This is an exciting new program that people have been asking us to develop for some time now. We planned it carefully because we wanted to be sure we were doing it right from the get go,” said Chilliwack FC chair Andrea Laycock.

The Kick Start program will emphasize movement exercises and activities that promote an affinity for the ball while teaching basic principles of play in a fun but structured setting, according to Chilliwack FC technical director and head coach Glenn Wilson.

“While we won’t be focusing on player development in the traditional sense. We will simply be teaching them some of the basic fundamentals that will provide the base for their future development.” said Wilson. “We want to be sure that the youngsters who sign up for this program have fun while learning the game but also receive quality instruction. The program will be run by one of our BCSA-certified coaching staff members.”

The Kick Start program will take place at Exhibition Turf Field in Chilliwack. Practices will run for 45 minutes, and there is NO cost to register, it is a FREE introductory program courtesy of Chilliwack FC.

Registration is NOW OPEN for children born in 2014. Registration closes at midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

The Spring Kick Start program will run for 10 weeks starting Monday, April 9, with one session per week. The final session will run on June 11.

All participating children will receive a Chilliwack FC Kick Start jersey at the first session and a certificate and progress report upon completion of the program.