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New Fall Soccer schedules released

November 15, 2020

If you’re participating in the 2020 Fall Soccer season, please find your age level and cohort below:

Updated November 17, 2020.

U5 (Cohort H) Download
U5 (Cohort I) Download
U6 (Cohort J) Download
U6 (Cohort K) Download
U7 Boys (Cohort C) Download
U7 Boys (Cohort D) Download
U8 Boys (Cohort E) Download
U8 Boys (Cohort F) Download
U8 Girls (Cohort A) Download
U8 Girls (Cohort B) Download
U9 Boys (Cohort G) Download
U10 Girls (Cohort L) Download
U10 Girls (Cohort M) Download
U10 Boys (Cohort N) Download
U10 Boys (Cohort O) Download

For a map of the field layout at Exhibition Stadium, download this file.

For a map of the field layout at Townsend Park, download this file.

For Fraser Valley Youth Soccer Association schedules, click here.

For BC Coastal Soccer League schedules, click here.