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Chilliwack FC to establish new Diversity and Inclusion Standing Committee

April 15, 2021

Following priorities outlined in its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan unveiled earlier this year, the Chilliwack FC Executive has voted to establish a new Diversity and Inclusion Standing Committee. The committee will be an advisory to the Executive on matters related to conducting day-to-day operations and governance in an anti-discriminatory and anti-racist manner and environment.

“Chilliwack FC is committed to expanding the knowledge, resources, and actions that it can take to make a meaningful improvement to systemic discrimination of all types in our sector and in our communities,” said Chilliwack FC chairperson Andrea Laycock.

The committee’s purpose and mandate is to act as the main discussion and advisory body of Chilliwack FC in relation to issues of diversity and inclusion, concepts explained by actions intended to ensure that the Chilliwack FC community, including the Executive, staff, coaches, officials, and players, is reflective of society served, including with regard to Indigenous peoples, women, people with disabilities, gender and sexual minorities, and Racialized Persons/Persons of Colour.

The committee will be comprised of two Chilliwack FC executive members who serve as the committee co-chairs, two members from the Chilliwack FC membership pool, and one community member. The committee will provide a bi-monthly report to the Executive for review and action.

“Chilliwack FC is committed to breaking down barriers, deconstructing biases, and fostering and promoting an inclusive, respectful, and welcoming environment for all,” said committee co-chair Sean O’Brien. “The implementation of this committee is a public commitment that Chilliwack FC will continue to make best efforts to ensure that all who work, play and interact with the club are able to do so in an environment and manner free of racism and discrimination,” said Lindsey Day, who will also represent the Executive as a co-chair on the committee.

Those interested in participating as a potential member of the Chilliwack FC Diversity and Inclusion Committee are asked to apply by email to or An application with further explanation of the committee’s role and responsibilities is available for download HERE.