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Chilliwack FC Fees Revised for Fall 2022

June 17, 2022

Attention: Chilliwack FC Membership

I trust this note finds you, our Chilliwack soccer community, well. As many of you are aware there has been significant change in our soccer community with the formation of a new club in Chilliwack and, more recently, the appointment of our new Technical Director Troye Flannery.

First and foremost, we welcome choice for you our members and look forward to collaboration for the good of the game with all clubs in the region. Choice facilitates accountability and we aspire to be accountable to our members. Upon his hire Troye Flannery sent a note to you our membership indicating that his first order of business would be to develop a curriculum. The second order of business would be to present it and he has done both in short order. More importantly he promised to listen to you our members and work towards facilitating the current state to an obtainable desired state. For those who took the opportunity to converse with Troye at the field or elsewhere it became clear in the consistent messaging that we as a club could do better. Troye has brought forward to the Board of Directors from you our members three areas of change: communication, transparency, and fees.

Proudly I can state we have listened; we will continue to listen and we are committed to providing a soccer experience you will be proud of. Effective immediately and available on the club website we adjusted our fees for the coming Fall/Winter Season and will be transparent with this process moving forward in addition to best practice communication. Adjustments will be made for those already registered. This decision was made partly due to the changing landscape but mostly due to feedback provided by our Technical Director from you, our membership. We welcome this change and are excited for the future.

This is about today, not yesterday; however, we value you, our membership and we apologize for any perceived transgressions of the past.


Richard Tagle
Chilliwack FC


Fall Recreational House:
U4 (DOB 2019) Is NOW $90.00
U5 & U6 (DOB – 2017/2018) is NOW $155.00
U7 – U10 (DOB 2013 – 2016) is NOW $200.00
U11 – U18 (DOB 2005 – 2012) is NOW $300.00

Developmental Rep:
U11 – U18 (DOB 2005 – 2012) is NOW $650.00