To support the development and delivery of our programs, Chilliwack FC offers contracts to coaches and support staff as required. For more information, email

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Chilliwack FC is requesting proposals from CPA firms that have extensive experience in providing non-profit organization accounting, specifically in the annual audit requirements for our organization.

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The Game Day Set Up Coordinator’s primary function is to set up each Chilliwack FC home field for the day with tents and benches where they are required. The role also includes ensuring the that the game day facilities are also in proper order.  This is a seasonal role that requires varied availability depending on the time of the year.


Availability – the successful candidate(s) must be available during the days/hours below.  The schedule below is an example of what the schedule may look like. A full schedule will be provided.

Fall/Winter Season

September – March – weekends
Approximate Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm


April – June – weekdays and weekends

Weekdays – 4:30pm-8:30pm
Weekends – 8:00am-4:00pm

Examine fields pre-game to ensure they are in playable condition

  • If football uprights are on the field are they/will they interfere with the game?
    • Are they crooked???
  • Are fields clear of debris and other garbage
  • If on grass, are there holes?

Set Up tents and benches as per the design map.


This is a pay per day role.

Resumes can be sent to

Chilliwack FC is looking to grow its group of staff coaches to ensure that all our programs can be run effectively, our players are surrounded by coaches that can help them in their development and to grow the club from a coaching & coach education standpoint.

A staff coach within Chilliwack FC may fall under various types of roles as our club provides its members with many different programs. A staff coach would either look to take on a title role and manage one of our designated programs OR acts as a support staff within any of our programs to ensure that it is been run well and players/ members are provided the service they require.

Chilliwack FC staff coaches must come with previous coaching education (listed below) OR and understanding/ willingness that they will need to partake in coach education courses while they work at the club. We want our coaches to be educated and will work with you to ensure you are growing as a coach personally as well as a staff member within the club.

Coach Education Minimum Requirement:

  • BC Soccer Grassroots Coaching Certifications
    • Fundamentals, Learn to Train, and Soccer for Life
  • Respect in Sport: Activity Leader
  • Previous coaching experience

*As stated above, if an applicant does not possess these coach education course, but is a person the club sees as a good fit for our programming, we will create a plan to ensure that you are partaking in coach education courses as a staff member*

Roles & Responsibilities of a Title Role

  • Manage designated program.
    • Scheduling, staffing, session planning (Technical Director will assist with session planning)
  • Active on-fields for programming
  • Active for set-up and takedown of programming
  • Running sessions in designated programming
  • Running sessions in other programs as support staff
  • Report to Technical Director regarding program progress and updates
  • Attend staff meetings required by Technical Director
  • Support staff for recreation coaches- practices and games
  • May look to coach a team within the club.

Roles & Responsibilities of Support Staff Role

  • Active on-fields for programming
  • Active for set-up and takedown of programming
  • Running sessions in programs
  • Support recreational coaches- practices and games
  • May look to coach a team within the club.

Coaching Description

  • Coaches are to be always engaged during sessions.
  • Coaches are to be vocal, lead with energy and control the session.
  • Coaches are to be loud but positive and provide clear instructions to players.
  • Coaches are to be organized and prepared for sessions.
  • Coaches are to possess strong communication skills both on and off the field.
  • Coaches are NOT to be on their phones during sessions.
  • Coaches are NOT to be standing on the side unengaged from the program or session.


When a staff commits to a role, schedule, or program, we need our staff our staff to fulfill this commitment.

Here is the “WHY?”

  • Staff are what make our programming run effectively and help ensure our members are provided with the best possible service.
  • Schedules are created around staff availability and staff collaboration; therefore, we need to be able to follow through with those schedules to ensure consistency for our members.
  • If staff continuously are not available for programming or sessions and replacements are needed, it creates confusion for members and our players. We want our players to build an understanding of who their coaches are and our staff and help players develop on a consistent basis.


Scheduling is dependent on the program. A draft schedule is listed below to showcase a typical week within our club.

Monday- 4:30-8:30pm
Tuesday- 4:30-8:30pm
Wednesday- 4:30-8:30pm
Thursday- 4:30-8:30pm
Fridays- 4:30-8:30pm (not all the time)
Saturdays- 8:30am-1:30pm
Sundays- 8:30am-1:30pm

This is a mock schedule to provide an idea as to what possible hours could look like. A staff would not be scheduled every day or for all hours, this is what would be available based on our programs.

Pay Structure

  1. Pay is based on coach education level AND/OR playing experience. This would be approved by Technical Director and Board of Directors
  2. Pay is also based on programs.
    1. Programs require different types of coaching, and some carry more weight in terms of workload/ the type of work being done. This means that a staff may be paid differently in one program compared to another.

Applicants must be prepared to complete/ submit a criminal record check upon application.

If you are interested in exploring a staff coaching position at Chilliwack FC, please submit the following below to –

  • Resume
  • Email explaining who you are and why you want to coach with Chilliwack FC