Criminal Record Check

Chilliwack FC requires every Board Member, employee, coach, assistant coach and manager of our teams to complete a Criminal Record Check through the Ministry of Justice.  All individuals requiring a CRC are provided with the link through which the club receives the completed and approved CRC.  BC Soccer Association requires Chilliwack FC to complete these checks every three years.

Please follow the link below and enter the access code in the field towards the bottom of the page (see below). This access code will link up with the Chilliwack FC account and when the process is complete we will receive the report to our office.

CRC Website:
Access Code: BNHHB2EFLT

Dean Colthorp is currently Chilliwack FC’s Risk Management Officer.

Chilliwack FC adopts B.C. Soccer’s Risk Management Policies and Procedures

Our Club adheres to BC Soccer’s Criminal Record Check Policy

To download a copy of this Chilliwack FC Criminal Record Check policy, click here.

Access Code: BNHHB2EFLT