Cost: $99.00

Chilliwack FC would love to introduce our new Mental Skills Program, presented by our club Technical Director Troye Flannery. Mental Skill is about being a more self confident, self motivated, self guided.

Troye Flannery is extremely well versed in mental skills and how the psychological side of the game plays a larger factor than many truly understand. Troye has a passion for this area and through the authentic and intentional work he has done in this field, he has seen many players grow and become better soccer players but more importantly, better PEOPLE.

The mental side of sports is one that is rapidly evolving in our world today and as a club, Chilliwack FC felt it was completely necessary to host this program so that players have an opportunity to address this area of their game and lives.

The program will provide five, 60-minute sessions and each session, Troye Flannery will address a different topic in relation to the mental skills curriculum.

The program will run on every-second Wednesday evening until all 5 sessions are complete. Please see below for program schedule and topics.

Boys: 5:00pm-6:00pm   Girls: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Location: Chilliwack FC Office- 45323 Hodgins Ave #4, Chilliwack, BC, V2P8G1

*Please note that space for this program is limited to 20 participants per group.

Boys: 5pm-6pm

  1. January 11th– Attitude
  2. January 25th– Communication
  3. February 8th– Competitiveness
  4. February 22nd– Confidence
  5. March 8th– Mental Toughness


  1. January 18th– Attitude
  2. February 1st– Communication
  3. February 15th– Competitiveness
  4. March 1st– Confidence
  5. March 15th– Mental Toughness