CFC Spring Tournament Team Program

To continue their development in the game, CFC offers our top Rep level players a spring/summer program that provides an alternative to the recreational Spring Soccer League. From Ages U11 to U16 we look to form teams to participate in our Spring Tournament Team Program.

The teams this year will mostly be selected via an invite only try-out process. Once selected the teams begin a twice weekly training program starting around mid April and ending by early July. We then enter the teams into 3 tournaments over the course of the training window.  As a habit we have always taken the teams into Washington State to compete in at least 2 of the tournaments. By doing so gives the players an opportunity to play against different teams in different environments. They generally really enjoy the experience. The competition is very challenging. They play against good teams and because the U.S age groups are formed differently it means that our opponents are often up to 6 months older.

In the last two years we have entered our teams into the following tournaments: Snohomish Invitational – Everett (early June) Baker Blast – Bellingham (late June) and the Seattle Sounders Cup – Seattle (early July) We may look to participate in these tournaments again this year, but at this stage it is too early to confirm this. In BC we have taken our teams to the Umbro Cup in South Surrey. This usually takes place in late May. We are always reviewing the tournament calendar to find the most suitable tournaments for our teams.

Fees include all the training, kit, coach expenses, tournament entry fee’s and medical insurance to playing in the U.S. (our players are not covered by BCSA once we cross the border) Over and above this CFC negotiates discounted hotel rates for destinations that require a hotel stay that are offered to all team parents/families.

 As a habit we often look to assign different, experienced coaches to these teams than those that the players play for in the fall/winter season.

This is a very popular program with our players. It is very challenging, but excellent for their overall development. The players generally look forward to it every year. It is purely optional as to whether your child, if selected, wishes to participate.  If selected to be on a Tournament Team, we do not want players registering for the Chilliwack Ford Spring Program as well.

Players selected to try-outs will be contacted directly and try-out dates will be given at that time.