GotSoccer Coach Login Details

Coaches can login to your GotSoccer account and manage communication with your team. See the step-by-step details and screenshots below.

GotSoccer has a mobile app available for download at the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. We’re waiting on more details from GotSoccer on how best for coaches to access their rosters and schedules. Check back here soon and we’ll post more information.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” under “Teams & Team Officials”.
  3. Under “Team Account” click the “coach account lookup” link.
  4. Enter the e-mail address used in your registration process and click “Submit”.  Note: use your personal e-mail if it was entered separately from the e-mail used for the family or player account. This allows coaches to have separate access to team rosters etc.
  5. A user name and password will be sent to your e-mail. It’s very important that you enter this info in the “Team Account” area and not the “Individual coach” area. Enter your username and password and click “Login”
  6. To view your roster click “default” under “Roster” or use the sub-menu above to see your roster.
  7. Your team roster should appear.
  8. To send a message via e-mail and text click the “Email Players” button.
  9. Create your message to the entire rosters or individual players if needed.

Please note: GotSoccer has informed us that for privacy reasons team rosters are not available for team members, only coaches. We suggest every coach send an short introductory message to their team and explain your plans for getting the jerseys and socks to the players. Many coaches will have the teams arrive extra early on the night of the first games to hand out the kits. By contacting your team and just letting the parents know you have everything under control you’ll save many phone calls and e-mails from parents telling us that they’ve heard nothing and are worried. Thanks!

For additional help with your GotSoccer account please call or e-mail our office administrator Liz Freeman at 604-792-0090 /

To download these instructions as a PDF CLICK HERE.