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Chilliwack FC 2021 Election Results

February 22, 2021

Results – Chilliwack FC Annual General Meeting

Turnout: 91 (91.9%) of 99 electors voted in this ballot.

Chairperson (3-year term)

Option Votes
LAYCOCK, Andrea* 60 (67.4%)
JOSEPHSON, Sheri 29 (32.6%)


Total 91
Abstain 2 (2.2%)

Development Coordinator (3-year term)

Option Votes
D’ARCHANGELO, Gabe 57 (64.0%)
RAFFLE, Kevin 32 (36.0%)


Total 91
Abstain 2 (2.2%)

Director at Large (1-year term)

Option Votes
TAGLE, Richard* 50 (57.5%)
CRONER, Steve 21 (24.1%)
JOSEPHSON, Sheri 10 (11.5%)
O’BRIEN, Sean 6 (6.9%)


Total 91
Abstain 4 (4.4%)

Risk Management / Club Charter Coordinator (1-year term)

Option Votes
COLTHORP, Dean* 63 (82.9%)
ANTHONY, John 13 (17.1%)


Total 91
Abstain 15 (16.5%)

Secretary (3-year term)

Option Votes
LAYCOCK, Andrea 52 (57.8%)
KRYS, Tracy 23 (25.6%)
JOSEPHSON, Sheri 15 (16.7%)


Total 91
Abstain 1 (1.1%)

Mini-Ball Coordinator U5-U7

Sean O’Brien was acclaimed.

Spring Coordinator U4-U8

Jennifer Kemp was acclaimed.

Treasurer’s Report

Option Votes
Yes, in favour. 47 (94.0%)
No, not in favour. 3 (6.0%)


Total 91
Abstain 41 (45.1%)

Bylaw Amendments

Option Votes
Yes, in favour. 45 (93.8%)
No, not in favour. 3 (6.3%)


Total 91
Abstain 43 (47.3%)

Academy Practices On – Feb 12

February 10, 2021

Updated February 12, 2021

Academy practices at Exhibition Field will go ahead Friday, February 12 as scheduled. Please dress warmly!

All soccer activities are cancelled today – Wednesday, February 10 – and tomorrow – Thursday, February 11, due to the especially cold temperatures forecasted for both evenings. An update for this weekend’s programming will be given Friday morning. Stay warm!

Chilliwack FC unveils 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

February 8, 2021

Following extensive consultation with club members and community stakeholders, the Chilliwack FC Executive is pleased to present its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. Outlining the club’s priorities and goals for development of players, coaches and referees; facilities, partnerships, and sustainability, the strategic plan includes 33 action items.

Highlights of the plan include reducing barriers to financially disadvantaged families, First Nations engagement, mentorship and retention programs for coaches and referees, parent education, and exploring the potential of, and making a business case for, an indoor soccer facility.

“It has been extremely exciting to watch Chilliwack FC’s Strategic Plan come to life through the collaboration of our members and community partners and the Executive would like to thank all those who participated in its creation,” says Chilliwack FC Chairperson Andrea Laycock. “The Strategic Plan will not only provide Chilliwack FC with a road map for the future but will also ensure that Chilliwack FC will continue to be a positive and progressive member of the community.”

The strategic planning, led by Capitis Consulting Inc., involved one-on-one and group meetings with club members and community stakeholders, an online survey, and a visioning session for board members and staff.

The Chilliwack FC 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is available for download online at

New Weekend Sessions

February 1, 2021

To keep our players active and engaged we will begin to offer weekend practices, beginning February 6/7 that are overseen by Chilliwack FC staff and supported by our coaches. The sessions will be limited to the Phase One level of physical activity in keeping with the current provincial health guidelines.
Players are welcome to participate in the sessions in their respective age groups as outlined below.
All sessions will be held on the turf field at Exhibition Park.
U11 Boys 9:30-10:45am
U12 Boys 11:00-12:15pm
U13-15 Boys 12:30-1:45pm
Prospects U10 Boys 12:30-1:45pm
Prospects U9 Boys 2:00-3:15pm
U16-18 Boys 2:00-3:15pm


U11 Girls + Prospects U9/10 Girls 9:30-10:45am
U12 Girls 11:00-12:15pm
U13-15 Girls 12:30-1:45pm
U16-18 Girls 2:00-3:15pm
The sessions will start this weekend and continue until we get the go-ahead for game play. If the point comes when we ramp up to Phase Two the weekend activities will be changed to allow for small-sided games.

Annual General Meeting

January 9, 2021

Updated February 20, 2021.

Members, please take note, the Chilliwack FC Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for February 22, 2021 at 7:00pm. The AGM will be held virtually via Zoom.

You do need to be a member in good standing and you are also required to register in advance to attend this meeting. Once your membership is confirmed you will receive a link that is unique to your email address that you registered with. The meeting will start at 7pm sharp, late comers will not be admitted into the Zoom meeting room. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Voters must be registered for the meeting before 11:59pm on Friday, February 19, 2021 in order to receive their ballot. After registering, closer to the meeting date, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting, once membership status is verified. The election will be conducted by a secure online poll, supervised by representatives from BC Soccer, on Monday, February 22 between 1:00pm-7:15pm. Ballots will be sent directly to the email address entered by each elector in the meeting registration process.

Business for the Annual General Meeting will be a review of the 2020 season via director reports as well as election of new board members. The following director positions are up for election:

  • Chairperson – 3 year term
  • Secretary – 3 year term
  • Mini-ball Coordinator U5-U7 – 3 year term
  • Spring Coordinator U4-U8 – 3 year term
  • Development Coordinator – 3 year term
  • Director at Large – 1 year term
  • Risk Management/Club Licensing Coordinator – 1 year term

Nominations for these positions are now closed. There are no nominations from the floor. Candidates for election are as follows. To read candidate profiles, CLICK HERE.  Inquiries for the Nominations Committee may be directed via email to

Chairperson Risk Management / Club Charter Coordinator
Development Coordinator Secretary
RAFFLE, Kevin KRYS, Tracy
Director at Large
CRONER, Steve Spring Coordinator U4-U8
JOSEPHSON, Sheri KEMP, Jennifer*
TAGLE, Richard* *Incumbent
Mini-Ball Coordinator U5-U7

Amended by-laws will be voted upon during the AGM. To review the draft, please CLICK HERE.



The following was added for clarification, January 26, 2021.

Per Bylaw 3-11, “The Board may declare a member to be not in good standing who has failed to pay the current annual
membership fee, if any, or any other subscription or debt due and owing by the member to the Club or fails
to comply with the requirements of these Bylaws. As long as the debt remains unpaid and/or noncompliance remains, the member is not in good standing and loses all rights of membership.”

As well, per Bylaw 3-9, “A member that is suspended loses all rights of membership until the suspension has been completed.”

Additionally, per Part 5 of the bylaws, “Any person receiving remuneration from Chilliwack Youth Soccer Association is not eligible to vote.”