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Immediate Attention Required – COVID-19 Return to Play Policy

October 27, 2020

Dear Chilliwack FC Family Members,

The abuse and poor behaviour must stop!!!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused dramatic changes in many of our lives, from our employment status to how we interact with family and friends to how we do our daily tasks and everything in between. The pandemic has also impacted how we execute the game of soccer for your children. Like any other organization or business Chilliwack FC must comply with National, Provincial, and Municipal health orders as they relate to how soccer is delivered here in Chilliwack. The Chilliwack FC Return to Play Covid-19 Policy was developed with you and your child(ren)’s safety at the forefront of mind.  The policy not only meets the minimum requirements of the health orders that are and have been in place but in some cases, it exceeds them. There can be many arguments on either side of the table about the policy and all may be valid but please know the policy, its contents, and its execution isn’t changing.

A part of the health orders is contact tracing and unfortunately, limiting crowd sizes at games and events. The Chilliwack FC Executive would LOVE to allow everyone into the facilities to watch their favourite player(s) play but we simply cannot because of the health order limiting the crowd size to 49 as per the City of Chilliwack. That health order means we not only have to limit the number of people in the facility, but also make some tough decisions on who can and cannot enter the facility. As per our Return to Play Covid-19 Policy, only one (1) supporter may enter the facility to watch, no siblings, no other family or friends, just one supporter. If the facility attendance is at its maximum then we simply cannot allow anyone else to enter. This is not a Chilliwack FC decision but a Provincial Health Office decision being enforced by Chilliwack FC, because we have to if we want our children to continue to play.

Now to the unfortunate part of all of this. Because some have chosen to make poor decisions in how they conduct themselves when they come to the field and treat our Contact Tracers, Chilliwack FC Volunteers, and Staff so poorly that it can be considered a potential violence in the workplace issue, the Executive has made the following decisions as it pertains to how soccer is executed for the rest of the season for the safety of the aforementioned and you.

  • Parents and guardians must read and digitally sign the Return to Play Covid-19 Policy by Thursday October 29th. – see below for link to login to read and sign the policy.  This acknowledges you have read and understand the policy as presented, if it is updated you will be asked to sign it again. No more I didn’t know excuses will be accepted!

o   Failure to do this will result in your child not being able to participate in games or training.

  • Because the interactions at the contact tracing table and inside the facilities has at times been so horrific and borderline violent, Chilliwack FC has engaged Allegiance 1 Security to do periodic sweeps of all of our venues to ensure everyone is behaving and adhering to our policy. Should any issues be reported, the Chilliwack FC Disciplinary Committee will become involved and the offender(s) risk being banned from attending games to being expelled from Chilliwack FC. Enough is enough!

It deeply saddens the Chilliwack FC Executive to have to take these measures. We understand and respect these are difficult times for many of us but we simply cannot condone the shockingly poor behaviour we’ve seen the past couple of weeks. Nor can we tolerate how such behaviour directly contradicts our Mission Statement of offering a safe, progressive learning environment, in which all players and stakeholders can participate and benefit from the sport of soccer while developing positive, lifelong experiences.

To those of you who have complied without question and supported Chilliwack FC through these unprecedented times, thank you, we look forward to your continued support. To those of you who have chosen to make an already challenging situation even more so, you’ve been put on notice.

  • Please click here to log in to your Got Soccer Account to read and sign the Return to Play Covid-19 Policy
  • Yes, you all have a Got Soccer Account
  • Log in using your email and password that you set up when registering for the Fall season
  • If you have forgotten your password, simply click the Forgot Password Button and a link will be sent to reset your password
  • If you are still having trouble, please give Liz in our office a call and she will be happy to help (don’t email her as she will not be able to respond as quickly as she can respond to a phone call)
  • Phone: 604-792-0090
  • Click here for Office Hours and Contact Info

On Behalf of the Chilliwack FC Executive


Andrea Laycock, Chilliwack FC Chairperson

New Fall Soccer schedules released

October 13, 2020

If you’re participating in the 2020 Fall Soccer season, please find your age level and cohort below:

U5 Cohort H Download
U5 Cohort I Download
U6 Cohort J Download
U6 Cohort K Download
U7 Boys Cohort C Download
U7 Boys Cohort D Download
U8 Boys Cohort E Download
U8 Boys Cohort F Download
U8 Girls Cohort A Download
U8 Girls Cohort B Download
U9 Boys Cohort G Download
U10 Boys Cohort N Download
U10 Boys Cohort O Download
U10 Girls Cohort L Download
U10 Girls Cohort M Download

For a map of the field layout at Exhibition Stadium for this program, download this file.

For a complete schedule of Saturday games, and those scheduled for November 11, download this file.

2019/20 Player Awards

October 13, 2020

Congratulations to all those who received an award during our Virtual Awards Ceremony presented via Facebook Live on Tuesday, October 13. Trophies will be available for pick-up at the Chilliwack FC office.

Player Awards

U11 Girls Strikers Most Improved Player Olivia Nicholson
Most Valuable Player Aislinn Shantz
U11 Girls Attack Most Improved Player Mackenzie Neufeld
Most Valuable Player Reese Johnston
U11 Boys Strikers Blue Most Improved Player Gabe Josephson
Most Valuable Player Sam Urban
U11 Boys Strikers Red Most Improved Player Colin Mitchell
Most Valuable Player Brando Fletcher
U11 Boys Attack Most Improved Player Tony Warkentin
Most Valuable Player Garett Baumstark
U12 Girls Strikers Most Improved Player Sara Hungle
Most Valuable Player Emerson Hanks
U12 Girls Attack Most Improved Player Eva Flueckiger
Most Valuable Player Lily Tizzard
U12 Boys Crush Most Improved Player Keenan Murrell
Most Valuable Player Hunter Enns
U12 Boys Strikers Most Improved Player Luca Vargas
Most Valuable Player Miller Cameron
U12 Boys Attack Most Improved Player Ethan Trellenberg
Most Valuable Player Corwin Drew
U13 Girls Attack Most Improved Player Brooke Klassen
Most Valuable Player Chanine Klaus
U13 Boys Strikers Most Improved Player Willem Van Schagen
Most Valuable Player Ayden Radke
U14 Boys Crush Most Improved Player Christian Handley
Most Valuable Player Jordan Brown
U14 Boys Attack Most Improved Player Wil Thompson
Most Valuable Player Isaiah Chahal
U15 Girls Crush Most Improved Player Madison White
Most Valuable Player Kali Good
U15 Girls Strikers Most Improved Player Gabrielle Ciochetti
Most Valuable Player Monique Rennie
U15 Boys Attack Most Improved Player Paul David
Most Valuable Player Justin Hari
U16 Girls Attack Most Improved Player Lexi Conkin
Most Valuable Player Natasha Klop
U16 Boys Strikers Most Improved Player Jeremy Labine
Most Valuable Player Nathan Lock
U16 Boys Attack Most Improved Player Nicholas Peralta
Most Valuable Player Carter Brown
U17 Girls Attack Most Improved Player Shelby Yaxley
Most Valuable Player Lauren Phillips
U18 Boys Attack Most Improved Player Wayne Charlie
Most Valuable Player Wesley Roche
U18 Girls Strikers Most Improved Player Jamie Ritchie
Most Valuable Player Alaska Goldsmith

Referee Awards

Small Sided Referee Taylor Klassen
Full Field Referee Christina Peet-Williams

Chilliwack FC Awards

Junior Girls Player of the Year Addison Croner
Junior Boys Player of the Year Corwin Drew
Senior Girls Player of the Year Jess MacFarlane
Senior Boys Player of the Year Cam Thomson
Goalkeeper of the Year – Female Jaime Van Schagen
Goalkeeper of the Year – Male Riley Fraser
Coach of the Year Keith Hatten

UPDATE: Soccer activities cancelled until September 21

September 13, 2020

UPDATE: Due to ongoing issues with the air quality, Chilliwack FC has put players and coaches’ health and safety first and has cancelled all soccer activity until Monday, September 21. Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch next week.

To view the memo distributed to all BC Coastal Soccer League member districts, clubs and teams, click here.

An air quality advisory has been issued for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District due to high concentrations of fine particulate matter in the air as a result of wildfires in the western United States.

The current Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) for the eastern Fraser Valley is 10+ (Very High Health Risk) and this level is forecast to continue tomorrow, Monday, September 14. It is advised that those who are considered at-risk, including children, avoid outdoor physical exertion.

Given these circumstances, per Chilliwack FC’s Air Quality Policy, all soccer practices scheduled for Monday, September 14 are cancelled.

Air quality conditions are being monitored on an ongoing basis to protect the health of our players and coaches and ensure a safe return to the field when possible. Updates will be provided each day to confirm the following day’s programming.

BCCSL releases schedules for Div 1,2 U11-U12 and Div 1-3 U13-U18

September 8, 2020

BC Coastal Soccer League has released schedules for Division 1 and 2 U11 and U12 Boys and Girls and Division 1-3 U13-U18 Boys and Girls. Follow this link for more information: