Policies & Procedures

Chilliwack FC - Player Placement Policy

All selected team players will be placed based on the result of the player evaluation and team selection process.

Chilliwack FC - Playing Up Policy

  • All players registered within Chilliwack FC must play within their appropriate age group. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis providing the player meets the following criteria:
      • The player will be playing at the highest level offered at the older age group.
      • The player is technically capable – the player must be able to show that their skill set both in training and game meets or exceeds the skill set of those currently in the older age group.
      • The player is physically capable of playing in the older age group. Physically capable includes but is not limited to physical strength, technical skill and speed.
      • The player is mentally capable of playing in an older age category.
  • The process of requesting to play up:
      • All players who have not been approached by Chilliwack FC’s technical staff but wish to play for an older age group must request an evaluation be conducted. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to make this request, not Chilliwack FC. All requests should be forwarded to Chilliwack FC’s Head Coach and Technical Glenn Wilson  and Chilliwack FC Chairperson Andrea Laycock.

Disclaimer: The Chilliwack FC Executive reserves the right to make amendments to this document if it is deemed that it is in the best interest of the player, the team, and or the club by doing so.