Policies & Procedures

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Chilliwack FC - Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Please click the following link to review our Code of Conduct for Protecting Children.

Chilliwack FC - COVID-19 Return to Play Policy

As we return to our new normal, the Chilliwack FC Executive has adopted this policy as a part of our Return to Play program. Safety is our primary concern for all participants. Please ensure you are familiar with this policy. If you have any feedback on this policy please send it to chairperson@chilliwackfc.com.

Before You Come to The Field

  • If the player/coach/referee is not feeling well, they are not to attend their scheduled session until they feel better.
    • The parent of player or the coach are required to notify Chilliwack FC Health and Safety Officer of the players illness so it can be noted.
    • Chilliwack FC may require a doctor’s note before the player/coach/referee can return to play.
  • Be aware of your scheduled start time and ensure you arrive at the field at your designated time. Late arrivals may not be permitted to participate.

At the Field

  • Our preference is for parents/guardians to drop their child off but if they must stay only 1 parent allowed in the park/at the field. Social distancing is required. If social distancing is not possible, we ask that the parent/guardian wears a mask as per the Health Authorities recommendation.
  • To fall into compliance with any public health orders, Chilliwack FC reserves the right to limit the number of spectators at the facility.
  • Players/Coaches/Referees/Spectators must wear a mask in and out of the venue, no mask is required for on field activity.
  • Contact tracing requirement
    • Each team will be required to have a one or two volunteers that will act as the team’s health and safety person(s).
    • All players will be required to answer questions relating to their health each time they come to the field. It is imperative that sick children not participate and stay home.
    • The health and safety person will submit their findings to the Health and Safety Officer weekly, unless a health concern is raised.
  • Please ensure you have a container with you to store all hygienic materials such as face masks, water bottles, and mouthguards if applicable.

On the Field

  • Be aware of designated access points for entering/exiting the field area and use as directed.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed on the playing surface at all, unless called on in the event of player injury. The only exception will be any programs that require parent participation.
  • Players are not to touch the equipment.
  • Players are not to swap equipment.
  • Players/Coaches must sanitize their hands entering the field and leaving the field.
  • No physical contact between players/coaches is permitted. i.e. Handshakes, high fives.
  • Players/Coaches must bring their own water bottle that is clearly marked; There is to be absolutely no sharing.
  • There are to be no shared snacks.


  • Due to Provincial Health Orders and Municipal restrictions placed on the number of people who can gather for an event, Chilliwack FC’s preference is for player supporters to drop the player off and leave. However, if they must stay only 1 supporter is allowed in the park/at the field. Social distancing is required and masks are encouraged.
  • If a supporter must stay to watch the training/game siblings and other supporters of the player are not permitted to enter.
  • All supporters must go through the Contact Tracing check in prior to entering the designated facility;
  • Be aware of designated access points for entering/exiting the field area and use as directed;
  • Parents/Guardians/Supporters are not allowed on the playing surface at all, unless called on in the event of player injury. The only exception will be any programs that require parent participation.
  • No lingering/loitering in common areas without adhering to social distancing expectations and masks must be worn at all times;
  • All spectators must be seated in bleachers or in stands. Unless social distancing expectations can’t be achieved masks are optional in these areas;
  • Leaning on fences is strictly prohibited;

Important Reminders

  • Failure to comply with the above requirements may result in the Player being removed from the program.
  • This is a living document that may be amended at any time to ensure that Chilliwack FC is compliant with the latest health and safety requirements as it pertains to COVID-19 and any other medical issues. This document may be updated and reposted without notice. It is incumbent on the members of Chilliwack FC to ensure they are aware of the latest policies.

Updated October 26, 2020.

Chilliwack FC - Discipline Policy

Please click the following link to review our Discipline Policy.

Chilliwack FC - Expenditures and Procurement Policy

Please click the following link to review our Expenditures and Procurement Policy.

Chilliwack FC - Player Apparel Policy (U11 & older)

  • The club names “Chilliwack FC”, “CFC” and “Chilliwack Football Club” as well as the official logo of the Chilliwack FC are the property of the Chilliwack FC and may not be used or reproduced in any manner without the express written consent of the Chilliwack FC.
  • The Chilliwack FC official team apparel and brand as well as authorized suppliers shall be approved yearly by the Chilliwack FC Board of Directors.
  • The official Chilliwack FC team apparel supplied through player registration fees consists of one pair of shorts, a jersey (rep teams U11 to U18 will receive 2 jerseys), and one pair of socks. Additional team apparel which may be purchased over and above the kit supplied by Chilliwack FC may include a training top, a warm-up suit and a jacket.
  • Chilliwack FC official colours are navy, red and white.
  • Chilliwack FC official team apparel for U11 and older must be approved by the Chilliwack FC Board of Directors or designate, before purchase.
  • It is the obligation and responsibility of each coach to ensure his/her players wear approved apparel at all times when representing the Chilliwack FC.
  • If a team wears non-approved apparel the coach may be required to appear before the Chilliwack FC Board of Directors or the discipline committee of the Chilliwack FC.

Disclaimer: The Chilliwack FC Executive reserves the right to make amendments to this document if it is deemed that it is in the best interest of the club and or team by doing so.

Chilliwack FC - Player Placement Policy

All selected team players will be placed based on the result of the player evaluation and team selection process.

Chilliwack FC - Playing Up Policy

  • All players registered within Chilliwack FC must play within their appropriate age group. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis providing the player meets the following criteria:
      • The player will be playing at the highest level offered at the older age group.
      • The player is technically capable – the player must be able to show that their skill set both in training and game meets or exceeds the skill set of those currently in the older age group.
      • The player is physically capable of playing in the older age group. Physically capable includes but is not limited to physical strength, technical skill and speed.
      • The player is mentally capable of playing in an older age category.
  • The process of requesting to play up:
      • All players who have not been approached by Chilliwack FC’s technical staff but wish to play for an older age group must request an evaluation be conducted. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to make this request, not Chilliwack FC. All requests should be forwarded to Chilliwack FC’s Head Coach and Technical Glenn Wilson  and Chilliwack FC Chairperson Andrea Laycock.

Disclaimer: The Chilliwack FC Executive reserves the right to make amendments to this document if it is deemed that it is in the best interest of the player, the team, and or the club by doing so.

Chilliwack FC - Rule of Two Policy

Please click the following link to review our Rule of Two Policy.

Chilliwack FC - Soccer Fund Process

Please click the following link to review our Soccer Fund Process.

Chilliwack FC - Team Staff Code of Conduct

Please click the following link to review our Team Staff Code of Conduct.

Chilliwack FC - Tournament Policy

Please click the following link to review our Tournament Policy.

Chilliwack FC - Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  1. All requests must be made via email to the treasurer by the individual who paid the fee(s).
  2. An administrative fee of $75.00 will be charged on approved refunds.
  3. The final amount of any refund will be at Chilliwack FC’s sole discretion.
  4. Refunds will be subject to the deduction the following unrecoverable costs, where applicable:
    a. Uniforms/Equipment costs
    b. Team picture costs
    c. League/governing body affiliation fees
    d. Prorated participation fee
    e. Admin Fees
  5. Chilliwack FC will not be held responsible for the following and nor will any refund requests for the following be entertained:
    a. Paid directly to a team or team official
    b. Raised and collected by teams through sponsorship or fundraising
  6. Events or circumstances beyond the club’s control (i.e. weather, strikes, pandemics etc.) will not be considered cause for refund.
  7. There will be no refund/transfer for a registration fee if a player is suspended or expelled from Chilliwack FC.

Program Specific Policies/Deadlines

  1. All refund requests for fall/winter must be submitted prior to the start of the season to be considered.
  2. There will be no refunds considered for U11 – U18 Development Programs. Players/parents accepting positions, verbally or written, on teams will forfeit all registration fees, in order to respect the need for timely evaluation and team selection, as well as respect for players who may have been excluded as a result of such acceptance.
  3. Where a deposit is required to initiate the registration process, the deposit is non-refundable.
  4. There will be no refund of registration fees less than 10 days prior to any Camp or Clinic offered.
  5. Refunds requested prior to the above stated deadlines will be processed minus a $25.00 Administration fee.


  1. Full refunds will be granted (with no administrative fee) in the event Chilliwack FC is unable to field a team, run a program, or provide a suitable program alternative.
  2. Consideration will be provided for the following circumstances, at the Club’s discretion:
    a. Medical reasons – doctor’s note describing the injury and required recovery period must be
    provided with request.
    b. Move – a player’s family moves outside the Chilliwack (proof of move may be required).
    c. A player attains a position on a higher-level team (documentation required from club/program).

To download the Chilliwack FC Refund Policy (updated October 6, 2020) click here.

BC Soccer - Privacy Policy

Click here to read the policy.


During the summer of 2017 British Columbia and the Lower Mainland saw increased forest fire activity that affected the air quality in Chilliwack. Under the guidance of BC Soccer and based on readings from the City of Chilliwack’s website CFC has implemented the following guidelines.

BC Soccer Air Quality Safety Guidelines:

  • Player health and safety is a high priority for BC Soccer, thus it is recommended to err on the side of caution if ever in doubt in any situation regarding the health and safety of players.
  • Click here for BC Soccer Guidelines
  • Click here for Current Chilliwack Air Quality Readings

If the reading is 7 or above, practices/training cancelled by CFC.

Chilliwack FC reserves the right to cancel training if they feel it’s in the best interest of their members to do so despite the readings not meeting the “recommended” standards.

Please contact your coach if you have questions about training sessions.

Current Chilliwack Conditions

Field Closure Process

Information on Weather Related Cancellations

There is often confusion on a rainy and cold weekend mornings as to whether or not a game is cancelled. The following information can answer most of your questions. Games will be cancelled in either 1 of 2 situations:

1.  The City of Chilliwack closes the fields due to inclement weather. If, due to excessive rain or snow during the preceding week, the City believes weekend use of the fields are not playable or play will likely cause excessive damage, then the City will make a decision to close its fields. For weekend play the City makes and posts its decision on its website by not later than Friday mid-afternoon. In these circumstances our coordinators will notify all coaches on Friday afternoon/early evening and will post the closure on the main page of our Club’s website (www.chilliwackfc.com). It is up to each coach to contact parents.

City Parks staff responsible for these decisions do the necessary field inspections on Friday and make their decision based on those inspections. These staff members do not work weekends. Thus if on a Friday the City decides to close the fields for weekend play then the fields will be closed and all games will be cancelled, even if the weather improves overnight and on Saturday morning. Similarly if the City decides on a Friday to leave the fields open for weekend play then, as far as the City is concerned, the fields will remain open for weekend play, even if the weather turns nasty overnight and on Saturday morning.

2.  There may be occasions where the City decides to leave the fields open but we at the CFC decides Friday afternoon/early Saturday morning to cancel all games. This would happen if, due to snow, extreme cold or excessive overnight rain we are of the view that it would not be prudent to play either because of player safety concerns or because of a concern that fields will suffer excessive damage. In these situations we will email all coaches before 8:00 a.m. and have the cancellation notice posted on the main page of our website by 8:00 a.m.

On weekends where the weather is poor, check our website Friday pm. If there is no cancellation notice then fields are open. Check again Saturday morning around 8:00 a.m. for any further closure notice. If you see no closure notice on our website by 8:00 a.m. then fields are open and the games are on.

Finally, it is ultimately up to the referee and the coaches on any given day as to whether or not a game is played. There may be times when the fields are open and the Club has not cancelled the games but a particular field may not be safe to play on due to excessive standing water or frozen conditions.