Code of Conduct and Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) is to uphold the standards and expectations of BC Soccer (“BCS”)
and Canada Soccer Association (“CSA”) applicable to the conduct of our staff, coaches, volunteers, officials and parents to ensure a safe and positive environment for all involved in Chilliwack FC’s (“Club”) programming.

This Code is a mandatory requirement and breach of this Code is subject to sanctions and discipline, including but not limited to removal from the Club and discipline by BCS and CSA. Violations of this Code are to be reported to the Club’s Risk Manager and the identity of the individual making such report will be kept anonymous upon request. Discipline will be applied at the Club’s discretion and escalated to BCS or CSA as may be necessary.

THEREFORE, the Club adopts, in full, the CSA Code of Conduct and Ethics in full as attached and as modified from time to time on the CSA website located here: