Our club is eager to see our young players back in action playing the game they love as soon as possible. However, we must take a cautious approach in ensuring that the return to play is implemented in a safe and organized manner.

The post COVID-19 return to play will be implemented in phases and will apply to U5-18 age groups. The first phases will address return to train.

The return to play must adhere to both Provincial Health as well as Provincial & National Soccer Association guidelines. Adjustment of the outlined programming below may be necessary to comply. Timing of progressions from one phase to the next will be dictated by the above authorities.



  • To get the players back on the field again and active with a ball.


  • Players will practice in their own designated space marked out by cones.
  • Age groups will be combined (e.g. U11/U12)
  • Sessions will run for 60 mins.
  • 15-minute gap in between practice sessions to reduce crowding.
  • Focus will be on ball mastery and passing & receiving.
  • Sessions will be conducted by CFC Staff assisted by age group coaches.
  • This will be a 4-week program that will now run Monday, July 6 through to Saturday, August 1, 2020.

Register now!

Note, if you wish to use an existing credit from the cancelled Spring Soccer season or prior, you must register by contacting Liz, our office administrator, by emailing info@chilliwackfc.com or call (604) 792-0090.


All of the following camps will be held on the practice field at Exhibition Park.

10:00-11:00AM U10/11 Boys U8/9 Boys & Girls
11:15-12:15PM U12/13 Boys U8/9 Boys & Girls U5-7 Boys & Girls
1:00-2:00PM U10/11 Boys
6:00-7:00PM U16-18 Boys & Girls U10/11 Girls U12/13 Girls U5-7 Boys & Girls
7:15-8:15PM U12/13 Boys U14/15 Girls


  • Participation in the Return to Train phase is not mandatory for any player.
  • Players/parents not yet comfortable with their participation are encouraged to only participate when they feel ready.
  • Players selected to a U11-18 Development Team MUST register to participate at the PHASE THREE & FOUR – RETURN TO PLAY stages when those phases are reached.

Please refer to the Chilliwack FC COVID-19 Return to Play Policy for an in-depth overview of expectations. An example of our COVID-19 Contact Tracing Form can be found here.


  • Players must provide their own water bottles and not share drinks.
  • Players must sanitize their hands upon arrival (sanitizing product provided at the field)
  • No physical contact between players and/or coaches permitted. This includes high fives & hand-shakes etc.
  • Players must keep the ball provided to them at the practice and not swap it.
  • Players should try to refrain from touching the ball with their hands (unless wearing gloves.
  • CFC staff will clean and sanitize balls in between each practice session.


  • Players to maintain distancing protocol (2yds/6ft) upon arriving for their practice session and upon taking the field until they arrive at their designated training space.


DROP OFF – ALL players will arrive at Exhibition Park using the NORTH PARKING LOT (access via Spadina Avenue).
Players will proceed to the NORTH GATE (Orange X) where they will register, answer the health questionnaire, and have their hands sanitized.
Players, once cleared, will proceed to the NORTH Field Entrance (Yellow X) where they will be provided equipment and instructed on where their field space will be. COACHES & PLAYERS ONLY ON THE FIELD!
After tryouts/training, ALL players will return their equipment to the Yellow X where it will be sanitized and then they will exit the field using the CENTRE (West) gate (Green X) where they will have their hands sanitized prior to leaving the park via the raised walkway in front of the washrooms.
PICK UP – ALL Players will exit Exhibition Park using the NORTH EXIT and PICK UP will be at the NORTH PARKING LOT.

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