Chilliwack FC Strategic Plan

Download the Chilliwack FC 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

Position CFC to be the first choice of families in Chilliwack

  1. Actively promote the enjoyment of soccer & fun within all programs
    a. Consistently survey members and coaches on their satisfaction and enjoyment of the programs
  2. Continue to expand the base of young players in the Club
    a. Launch a schools program to introduce soccer at early ages
    b. Double enrollment of Kick Starters through improved program promotion
  3. Focus on retaining teenagers & curtail attrition
    a. Establish a partnership with City’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and engage them in planning
    b. Work with Tzeachten First Nation to create programming for teens
    c. Cut attrition by 5% per year starting in 2021
  4. Reduce barriers for families to get and stay involved
    a. Create a welcome package with city agencies & builders to distribute to New Canadians in multiple languages
    b. Increase efforts to promote fee assistance programs to include more financially disadvantaged families
  5. Provide parents with adequate education on how to support their players
    a. Better promote the technical plan and player pathway at annual orientation nights
    b. Create an “Intro to Soccer”/“Laws of the Game” course for parents
    c. Launch “Respect in Sport Parent Module” for U8+
  6. Engage alumni from all professions (not just soccer) to return to and support the Club

Coaches are continuously improving to make the CFC player experience better

7. Create a coach development curriculum that works in tandem with the technical plan to advance the quality and quantity of coaches the Club requires to grow

a. Develop targets for coach certification
b. Establish a calendar of coach assessments and evaluations for all coaches in the Club

8. Create a Coach Induction Program that is put on annually
9. Define roles and accountabilities within the coach leadership group to deliver improved programming in House League and greater support for new coaches
10. Create a Coach Mentorship Program to pair experienced coaches with new ones for peer-to-peer learning
11. Introduce the Aboriginal Coaching module for coaches to work better with First Nations groups

CFC creates an environment for referee growth and development

12. Create a succession plan for senior referees through identification and development of people with high-potential for leadership within the club
13. Resource and grow the mentorship program

a. Provide increased financial support and structure for more mentors to work in
the field with young referees

14. Set and maintain targets for referee retention
15. Include parent education on the role of referees which can be developed and delivered by the referees

CFC proactively plans for increased facility needs

16. Host a tri-partite discussion on immediate facility needs and potential for development with the City and the School District
17. Conduct a survey of available space/land among First Nations communities and private ownership groups
18. Contact local developers about plans for green space/sports facilities located in/near new housing developments
19. Promote the accessibility of facilities through transit
20. Examine restructuring programs/seasons to better fit family schedules and take advantage of facility availability, particularly in “shoulder seasons.”
21. Explore the potential and a business case for a CFC indoor facility

CFC seeks to partner with like-minded organizations to mutually better the overall Chilliwack community

22. Actively assist the City in achieving the Official Community Plan (OCP) 2040 goal to “Build Healthy Communities”

a. Program events that dovetail with the OCP
b. Delegate at City Council about CFC’s activities in this area

23. Increase engagement with current sponsors

a. Provide regular updates on deliverables and ensure all agreements are being followed
b. Present sponsors with an annual sponsorship servicing report, outlining the reach and return on investment (ROI)
c. Suggest additional ways to leverage sponsorship including social media content, on-site activations at sponsors’ locations and other new concepts

24. Actively pitch sponsorship prospects in the community

a. Create marketing collateral including key demographics and ROI opportunities
b. Work with the Downtown Business Improvement Area, Chamber of Commerce and similar associations to cultivate potential sponsors

25. Work with other sport groups to advocate for support of sport in the community

a. Reach out to other sports to cross-promote with soccer
b. Share best practices and resources

26. Explore opportunities to partner with First Nations communities around

a. Facilities and available land
b. Need for more on site programing (particularly for teens)
c. The opportunity to apply for programming and training grants for coaches

CFC works to ensure a bright future for the Club and its members

27. Restructure CFC’s governance and staffing systems

a. Transition to a policy/skills-based Board of Directors

i. Modernize CFC’s constitution and by-laws

b. Install executive leadership to manage the Club’s operations
c. Establish an effective full-time staff team to execute the club’s programs

28. Invest more in staff

a. Allot expanded funding to Marketing/Communications
b. Contingent upon a new facility/expanded facilities, hire a dedicated Facility Manager

29. Implement staff mentorship programs
30. Diversify revenue mix through incremental revenue streams in

a. Equipment and spirit wear sales
b. Concessions
c. Sponsorships

31. Pursue gaming grant funding

a. Adjust fiscal year-end to take advantage of gaming funding programs.

32. Actively promote what CFC does in the Community to build the CFC brand

a. Offer more off-pitch apparel
b. Attend more community events

33. Undertake the Canada Soccer Club Licensing process